Тема: Over 50 scouts have been added to Madden 23

Improved Usability

One of the most overlooked aspects of the ease with which a menu system is to use is the font. Over the course of Franchise new fonts have been introduced in order to enhance the readability Mut 23 coins, and consequently usability of all features. Given the hundreds of screens present that this quality of life improvements can be seen everywhere.


We've received a lot of positive feedback since we completely revamped The Scouting experience in Madden 22 in Post launch Title Update. All of our Scouting enhancements we're discussing today are the result of that feedback.

Scout Updates

Over 50 scouts have been added to Madden 23. doubling the number of free-agent scouts in the game from 50-100. and bringing the total number of scouts to more than 260. In addition, we've ensured that every position has at least one scout in each tier with the requisite expertise. There are a few exceptions to this, however all positions are covered by multiple scouts at each tier.

Scouts assigned to teams have also been updated. Each scout in a team now reflects their team needs with the higher-tier ones reflecting the more extensive needs. In Madden 22 Focus Scouting was limited to specific positions and the amount of information you would receive from a draft group did not suffice to make informed decision. This year, we've group similar positions together so when you Focus Scouting, you'll get information about all players in that grouping rather than just one.

Attribute Reveal Improvements

One of the most significant things we learned when we updated our scouting report last year was in regards to the unveiling of information regarding college prospects cheap madden 23 coins. It was entirely random, and could leave you guessing at the most crucial attributes you'd be most interested in for a certain prospect. Based on feedback from users we've made a variety of improvements to these reveals to get you the information you're seeking faster as as keep you in the dark about potential customers while still maintaining some mysteriousness.