Тема: help please ssangyong rodius 4x4 auto clunks when under load


Well here it goes i have had this car about 4 months , its spent about 2 months in garage , first i had the car serviced , full service all fiLters , brakes , transmission oil , oil change , that is when the problem started , within 5 mins of me leaving the garage the car started clunking , under load , ( i live on a hill ) took it back to the garge he said it was wrong oil used , it wasnt it was a excuse , then he said was rear prop shaft , ok changed that , noise still there , then it was gearbox mount , ok , still not that , so i got the car recovered by the aa they said was the drive shaft Neutral well thats been changed , confused , ok then had a so called specialist look at it , he said was gearbox ( ok f**k my worst nightmare ) well now i have a gearbox and had it changed , but still the noise is there but worse , now i have spent around £1500 on this car and still the same , im out of ideas , i wasnt convinced it was the gearbox in the first place as the gears worked perfectly fine , im hoping someone can give me some ideas ,

Please help.

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